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    acting cool around ur crush


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  5. I never realized how good I’ve gotten at lying to other people about how I feel.

    Maybe it’s because I got so good at lying to myself.

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    Hi, there.
    I’m wearing a shirt that reads “Kill Me”.
    If you saw me at a party or on the street would you promptly murder me?
    What about if I had a few drinks? What if I was walking alone at night?
    I’m guessing that you wouldn’t if you’re a sane individual.

    The cops wouldn’t overlook your crime because of what I’m wearing because that’s silly. I wasn’t literally asking for you to kill me based on my choice of clothing. Who would take that defense seriously?

    My friends wouldn’t blame me for being murdered and my killer would be behind bars almost instantly.

    So, why is it okay to rape someone because they’re wearing revealing clothes? Why does THEIR choice of clothing excuse THEIR attacker?

    It doesn’t. You’re silly if you think otherwise.
    The less guilt on the attacker. The more guilt on victim.

    Stop. Victim. Blaming.

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    I fucking love you.

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  8. Olaf is special because he knows that every ending is a chance for a new beginning and a chance for a nice, warm hug!

    -An Amazing Snowman 

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  9. "When I die, I want a food to be named after me."
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    its funny when you dont scroll all the way down and all you see is thisimage

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    What a total shithead

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    Why does it always seem pathetic when a girl is in love with a boy who doesn’t love her back, and romantic and heartbreaking when a boy loves a girl who doesn’t love him

    you know exactly why


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    accidentally typing “teh” instead of “the”


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